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niteowl84, Oct 19, 10 2:27 AM.
new ts info:
   On behalf of the staff and members, I would like to welcome you to our site. Forgotten Legion was formed on October 11, 2010. We are a team play oriented guild focused on becoming the number 1 ranked guild on the PvP Indigo Server in Runes of Magic. Unlike most guilds who are very demanding and in some cases all out ediotic with bs rules and strict regulations, we actually are a pretty easy going team. With that being said, no guild will ever survive without a backbone known as structure.

   After managing multiple successful guilds/clans and groups over past years, I know bring it to the table for Forgotten Legion. We have a very helpful staff who are very approachable in every way and are dedicated to helping our newer members out with virtually everything. 

   We do enforce our own rules and guide lines and i don't think its alot to ask but have a look and see if this guild is right for you. If you want to be a part of a team, a real team and not be mistreated and ignored due to level... this is your chance to be a part of something that you will not regret. With that being said... Here it is....

Code of Conduct
Because common sense aint so common

  • No Random Player Killings - We aim to be a respectable anti PK Guild. (PK'n Reds is fine)
  • No Red Names - If your name is in Red, you just broke Rule number 1, means we gonna be talking.
  • Be a Team Player - If a guildie needs something that you have, Share it and do not charge!
  • Assist fellow guildies at all times if available - Help out your fellow guildies who needs help with quests, questions, etc.
  • We have Teamspeak... use it :) - Teamspeak info in forums, Mandatory use during seige and its easier to reach us there.
  • Respect all members and officers - No personal attacks or racial slurs against religion, origin or sex ... Zero Tolerance!
  • Listen to Guild Leader & Officers - Our word is gold.. if asked to help with something, please do it.
  • Please be active - In order to remain a member of the guild you must be active and participate in seige with us. (team player)
  • No Harassment of any form tolerated - Can lead to ban.
  • No PK'n Any Alliance Member under any Circumstance - Infractions can lead to ban.
  • NO PK'n GUILDIES! - This is the biggest of them all. This can get you banned and possibly camped by our high levels. Zero Tolerance.

   If this sounds like a well run guild to you and its something that you want to be a part of, then please take the time to ask for one of our officers in game or message us on here. Just follow our guide lines which is not alot to ask and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your experience with us will be a memorable one.
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